Buying and or selling real estate is one of those things that most of us will engage in at some point of time in our lives. Both the buyer and the seller are looking to maximize their value and often attempt to do this by avoiding the services of the real estate professional.  What looks like the easiest way to save a few thousand up-front sometimes turns into a sure-fire way to tens of thousands more than you expected in the long run.

Here are 5 reasons why you should utilize a real estate professional to help you buy, sell, or rent your next real estate transaction:

  1. Real Estate Professionals Know the Market

Real estate professionals are able to price the property correctly. Current industry pricing for business and home sales in specific locations are understood by the real estate professional. By doing this, listings by real estate professionals sell quicker and often at higher prices.  Inaccurate pricing is the number one mistake made by the FSBO market.  Because of this, there is a greater chance that an FSBO listing will remain on the market longer than those listed by professional real estate agents. Gradually, with time, the listed value of your property will need to decrease to initiate a sales.

“There’s a reason nearly 90% of sellers use a listing agent as selling a home takes time, knowledge of neighborhood trends, and negotiating skills. While eliminating the agent’s commission sounds mighty tempting, try to resist.”[1]

  1.  Real Estate Professionals Have Years of Experience

The experience of an agent from years of selling similar properties allows them to quickly and decisively suggest improvements to your home’s appearance. These timely and accurate suggestions increase the chances of getting your listing sold quicker and at a higher price.

  1.  Real Estate Professionals Find the Right Buyers so you Don’t Have To

Another dyed-in-wool reason why many people prefer to seek help from a real estate professional to sell their home is because they are able to find the right buyer for your home. It is the real estate professional’s job to take care of answering all the queries of a potential buyer, even if you have already moved on to your new home.  A real estate professional does all the work for you and gives prospective buyers the freedom to look at your property in your absence.

  1. Real Estate Professionals Provide an Easy Sales and Negotiations Process

Let’s face it, buyers looking out for their best interests can be difficult to negotiate with. Unless you have relevant information about the current trends of the industry, you may not be able to apply your understanding when negotiating the price for your home or business. A real estate professional has expertise with the complicated landscape of the industry and knows how to negotiate with various buyers based on their experience.

  1. Real Estate Professionals Reduce the Headache of Necessary Paperwork

An average homeowner may not be familiar with the loads of paperwork and legal aspects of selling and buying homes or commercial properties. With the help of a real estate professional, the process of buying or selling your home or business just got a lot easier.  With just a few phone calls and a quick meeting, a real estate professional can have new deal signed, sealed and delivered hassle free.


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