The single most important and perhaps significant factor that every residential or commercial real estate buyer or seller has in mind is to have a smooth and trouble-free experience during the process.

Consider a perfect scenario: To sell your property at the best price, you will need to have it listed in as many outlets as possible. So, you do that and potential buyers keep pouring in to check out your property. There is no binding contract, hidden charges and commission fees involved. The real estate professional that you’ve hired is extremely cooperative and takes care to connect you with the right experts – marketers, architects, photographers, and lawyers, which speeds up the selling. Buyers are satisfied dealing with professionals knowing that there are no added fees involved and everything is just as described-perfect. 

In fact, you quickly find the perfect buyer in just a few weeks. The buyer pays the full value of your property and you hand over the keys to the new owner. That is indeed a nice experience and every buyer-seller would prefer such a process. But, reality is far different from this fantasy. 

Agents come and agents go.  Real estate offices are in bidding wars for homes to make a profit.  If you don’t do your homework you might be stuck with an agent who over-promises and under-delivers. These type of mistakes can cost you thousands.  

So, how do you create an ideal buying or selling experience in real estate?  Do your homework.  Ask trusted friends and family members who they have used for their real estate transactions.  Were they happy?  Research the real estate office and potential agents you may be dealing with.  Go to their website and find out how long they have been licensed?  How many homes are they listing? What are the average days on market?  Do they get what they ask for when selling?  

Start with the realtor’s website and then expand your search to social media channels and even Chamber services.  Once you have researched and found the right agent, contact them for an interview.  Real estate professionals are able to understand what buyers/sellers need and can provide details of properties in their price range or expectations in an area. “Buyers are doing their research online prior to finding an agent, and it really helps them weed out agents who may not help create a positive buying or selling experience, ” says realtor Jim Benda of Lockard Realty. “To create a comfortable, relaxed and trusting relationship with my buyers and sellers, I am committed to work relentlessly to obtain the results that my clients expect. It is my goal to represent all of my clients with professionalism, integrity, commitment and unsurpassed enthusiasm.”


There are many different reasons why a homeowner might want to sell a home. A lot of mixed emotions are associated with the decision. Working with the right realtor can help provide a seamless transaction during the buying and selling process. Buyers, sellers, and professional real estate agents together are instrumental in providing the ideal buying or selling experience in real estate, no matter whether it is your first time or you are a seasoned investor.    

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